What Our Gym Offers


Personal Training

Personal training is the most effective way to transform your body in the least amount of time. Training by appointment, you’ll follow a personalized plan & nutrition strategies that fit into the context of your life. Learn about your body and stay motivated with personal guidance & accountability from a 10-year coaching veteran.


Men’s Health Coaching

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked, and you’re feeling frustrated with your lack of results, my flagship online health coaching program was built for you. Three Sixty Thrive is a 12-week VIP coaching program where you’ll lose up to 30 pounds while building the skills and mindset to sustain those results for life.


Body Composition Testing

Access one of the only BOD POD assessments in the Denver area that’s open to the general public. The BOD POD Body Composition Tracking System is used to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This data is provided without performing any additional testing maneuvers, and requires only about 5 minutes.


Hormone Panel

COMING SOON. Lab work done in a convenient, cost effective manner through my partners at Marek Health.

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